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A true alpaca tale from a real life farm in 
East Sussex.


Love love love the book! The messaging behind the story line is so wholesome. Can’t believe it was a true story – made me emotional when I saw that at the end haha!




A true story of a shy alpaca called Ollie who overcomes being bullied and feeling left out of the pack.  Starring a cast of animals that all live here at Fisherwood Farm in East Sussex.


Written by

Nicki Fisher


Nicki is a real animal lover. Ever since a little girl she dreamed of having as many animals around her as possible. She prefers them to humans! She has been a vegetarian for over 35 years and volunteers for the RSPCA as well as looking after all the animals on her farm in East Sussex. She is married to Carol her co adventurer in this life! This is Nicki's first book featuring the alpacas, sheep and chickens of Fisherwood Farm.

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Illustrated by

Bo Spasić


Bo has worked as a multidisciplinary creative for the past 25 years. Beside art direction, design and photography he illustrates children's books and creates comics. Of all his talents he enjoys illustration the most, but shhush, don't let the others know. Bo is based in the beautiful village of Robertsbridge in East Sussex.

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The Farm

Welcome to Fisherwood Farm where you get the exclusive opportunity to enjoy delicious homemade food whilst immersed in nature and surrounded by friendly animals. We use our tranquil & private space to serve our afternoon teas with our alpacas and friendly sheep and also for 121 and small group courses.

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