Fisherwood Farm is the perfect setting for 121 wellbeing sessions.

We know that being close to nature can help you to access your inner calm.  We also know that being listened to deeply can help you to access your own wisdom.  Together these two elements can foster a real feeling of calm and help bring a sense of clarity to your life.

We are offering 'resilience chats' here at the listening space.

A resilience chat is a space for you to be listened to without judgement and without anyone trying to fix you or your issues.

It is an opportunity to tap into another person's understanding to help you to recalibrate and connect with your innate wisdom and resilience.

It is not counselling or therapy.

The chats take place in our tranquil space in beautiful, relaxing countryside surroundings at Fisherwood farm where we believe you will be nurtured by nature...


Carol is a certified wellbeing practitioner and you will be able to spend an hour 121 session chatting and exploring the true nature of thought and your innate wellbeing.

Please enquire by email to

07966 561313

Fisherwood Farm, Robertsbridge, East Sussex

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